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We offer to convert your old memories from photos, negatives, slides, video tapes, cassettes, or physical documents into digital formats to preserve their original quality at an affordable price. A wide range of additional services are available for further improving the quality of these digital copies or to put your creative ideas into personalized items such as albums, slideshows, etc, to cherish your memories or to share them with your loved ones.  Secure cloud storage service is available for further safekeeping from accidents, fire, flood or theft.


Old photo scanning

Audio tape digitization

Photo retouching

Floppy discs & CDs to USB

Photo scanning

Photo restoration (before)

Photo restoration (after)

Photo colourisation

Document scanning

Photo editing

Slide scanning

VHS digitization

Negative scanning


Photo slideshow


Photo scanning

Photos: up to A4 (210x297mm) in size. Resolution options: 300dpi, 600dpi and 1200dpi.
Negatives (in short strips of four images or less) and slides are scanned at 2400 dpi, or 3600 dpi.

Photos, negatives, slides are scanned as TIFF files, giving you the best format with maximum detail and flexibility. Other formats such as JPEG, PNG are available on request. The scanning process automatically includes background correction, color restoration and dust removal.

Pricing guide: starts from $0.55 for manually scanning of standard size photos (6"x4") at 600 dpi, and from $1.30 for negatives and slides at 2400 dpi. Please contact us for a quote or to discuss about options and discounts available.

Photo restoration and enhancement

As in any photographic process, digital scans will only be as good as your original.
Although we ensure everything is cleaned before scanning, there may be a need to do final retouching and cleaning for damages, scratching, or discoloration. We can do this for you with our enhancement services:

  • Editing and enhancing images, such as background removal, cropping, rotation etc.
  • Repairing damage, such as scratches, tearing, and stains
  • B&W to color, and vice versa

Photo enhancement includes skin smoothing, blemish or red-eye removal, application of makeup or teeth whitening for your perfect smile, or other details you wish to retouch. For examples of our work, please visit our Photo Restoration | Enhancement page.

Pricing guide: although price can start as low as $8.80 for a simple, basic retouching job, photo restoration and enhancement prices vary greatly depending on size and complexity so please contact us for a quote. Price quoted does not include scanning.

Videos and Cassettes

We can convert your VHS and VHS-C tapes into digital and editable formats (default AVI) so you can store them on a computer hard drive, or share them online with family and friends. Add-on services include

  • Basic editing, like removing blanks or damaged sections
  • Adding titles, sound tracks, acknowledgements.
  • Choice of digital formats (AVI, MGEP, MP4, WAV)

Cassettes can be converted to MP3 or WAV, which you can store on your computer or mobile devices to preserve their quality for all time. Add-on services include:

  • Basic editing, removing blanks or damaged sections
  • Adding tracks, equalizing audio and removing noise.

Pricing Guide: starts at $5.50 for a 60-minute cassette, and at $13.20 for up to 60-minute VHS or VHS-C video tape (conditions applied). Please contact us for a quote or to discuss about options and discounts available.

Other services

Floppy disc & CD ROM
We can transfer the data from old floppy discs or CD ROMs, so your files are free to be accessed and use again on more modern formats such as online cloud, USB sticks or hard drives.

We will generally not charge for unsuccessful attempts at transferring data in cases where the floppy disk/s are too damaged or corrupted to retrieve data from. If there is a large number of floppies requested for data transfer with a medium to large number of those discs being unsuccessful due to the condition of your floppies, however, we will charge a reasonable amount to cover our time.

Hard copy documents
We scan and convert hard copy documents to digital, editable formats by using the latest optical character recognition software. Typing services are available for handwritten documents. Files will be stored in Microsoft Word (.docx) or Simple Text formats (RTF or TXT).

Document formatting, proofreading and editing
We provide services for proofreading and basic editing of documents, including tertiary level up to PhD. This would involve correction of grammar, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation and small changes in expression may be made to improve the flow of written material and make the intended meaning clear. Service fee depends on the level of difficulty involved in the task.

Basic formatting service for Microsoft Word documents is available. Extra charges will be applied for formatting of images, tables, equations.

Pricing guide: please use our CONTACT FORM to request a quote as prices for these services greatly vary, depending on the type of work and the level of difficulty.


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